We make sports media rights management easy

At Content Arena, we’re committed to the digital transformation of the industry we love.

We’ve put the entire commercial and legal processes online to make sports media rights trading smoother and smarter for both media rights sellers and buyers.

Our Content Arena Manager provides rights holders a single, collaborative ecosystem so that they can enter, manage, and retrieve data easily that allows accessing vital metrics that drive their business in real time, make informed decisions, and unlock untapped market potential.

Our Content Arena Marketplace is a global meeting point that makes discovering new content opportunities from anywhere in the world easier for content buyers. The simplicity of establishing connections allows buyers and sellers to work together to grasp emerging opportunities.

We are here to support all market players leaving no partner behind – federations/leagues/clubs, media companies and agencies alike – in making their business more efficient, secure, and focused.

Driving Innovation

Win-win partnerships
with clients

Integrity and
data security

Doing more with less


Meet the team

Erik Lorenz

CEO & Co-Founder

Lawrance Shepstone


Juan Cruz Talco

Technical Lead

Lukas Zajancauskas

Director of Strategy & Business Development

Harry Hancock

Director of Business Operations

Meet the advisory board

Sascha Kojic

Co-Founder Content Arena & CEO SN1 Consulting

Bernhard Riedlsperger

Co-Founder Content Arena & President Hogmore Media AG

Klemens Koegl

Co-Founder Content Arena & CEO Hogmore Media AG

John Gleasure

Strategic Advisor (Chief Business Development Officer DAZN Media)

Alexander Fryba

Strategic Advisor (Ex Managing Director Innovation Sportradar)

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